What are the pros and cons of being a culinary artist- Chef?

Every profession comes with their joys and also downfalls. To be able to wow your clients with your exemplary culinary skills, a lot of sacrifices have to be made. There are also numerous benefits that come with being a food artist. A lot of chefs only see the pros without considering the cons. It is therefore important to weigh in depth of both sides. As much as you love your career, focusing the pros only can make you in the same way overlooking the cons can break you. A list of pros and cons is specially prepared to guide chefs in the right direction towards self-improvement and overall growth.
Chefs are highly skilled professionals trained in all kinds of food as well as a presentation of the same. They normally work both in local and international hotels or restaurants. Apart from cuisine preparation they also take part in kitchen management and supervision of kitchen staff.

Pros of being a chef

The chefs are trained in preparation of any cuisine under the sun even inventing new recipes combinations as a result of experimenting with ingredients. Chefs are able to express their creativity in food preparation and presentation. They are free to try out and come up with new food recipes. The methods range from vegetarian cuisine which is now taking root as the food choice for many food lovers. It is not just cooking but also making tasty cuisines as well as retaining the nutrients and hue. Arranging and combining different foods to amaze food lovers is the work of a chef. A committed one will definitely do an excellent job to the client’s satisfaction.

Many chefs get international recognition via their culinary art. This, of course, comes at a cost from the hotels and restaurants in terms of payments. Most of the qualified chefs are paid handsomely in exchange for their skills in the kitchen. Many are the times the chefs are specifically called to prepare foods for prominent people who in turn pay a good sum of money for their excellent services.

A competent and highly-skilled chef is always been sought after by hotels and restaurants. Most restaurants and hotels retain their customers who are captivated by the kitchen skills of a specific chef. The list of hotels that want to have a taste of their skills is endless thus making job opportunities rising by the day. A professional chef is hard to complain about unemployment.

Due to their nature of the job, some of the chefs are hired to cook for varied prominent people in different states. This makes them travel to where their services are needed. The benefit of touring the world courtesy of their skills is frequently experienced.

There are also numerous self-employment opportunities at their disposal. In addition to traveling to different countries, they are able to identify a niche in the food industry. They are capable of utilizing resources and manage a business with ease.

Cons of being a chef

As they get satisfied comments from their customers the chefs mostly work for long hours. They spend most of their long shifts standing and moving in the kitchen. The hours in a shift can at times be extended especially during peak hours. They work on odd hours and the shifts are not easy. At the end of the day, they end up being extremely tired.

In some cases chefs working in average hotels and restaurants are underpaid. The pay being offered does not match the hours they input on a daily basis.

They also work in dangerous conditions. A chef is responsible for making sure the food is perfectly prepared at the same time to manage the kitchen staff. In the bid to multi-task all the roles, one slight mistake can be fatal to everyone in the kitchen. The fatalities can be in form of fires and serious accidents. In some cases, their careers come to an end due to workplace injuries. They are rendered unable to work anymore due to the severity of the accidents.

They also spend most of their time building an empire by incorporating their entrepreneurship skills without owning a single chain of food place in their entire life. They work for an entrepreneur but themselves do not own a business of their own. This is as a result of financial disability and lack of ample time to run a personal business. Majority of their time is spent working for someone and it is easy to lose track of how fast time lapses. By the time they think of setting up a business on their own, they are already aged.