5 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Kitchen Clean When Cooking

Keeping your kitchen clean as you cook is a daunting task as you will be juggling two activities at a time. Unlike the cooking shows on television, your kitchen will never look that clean unless you have someone else cleaning after you make a mess. However, imagine the possibility of having a clean kitchen as soon as you are done preparing a large meal. You simply need to learn how to clean as you cook as professional chefs do. They are able to keep their workspaces clean considering the amount of cooking they engage it at a particular time.
Not only will having a clean workspace give you peace of mind but also will help you prepare food more efficiently. The result will be the production of delicious meals which is definitely what you are looking forward to.
As a result, this article is designed to help you with several tips that will enable you to keep your kitchen clean.

1. Soak the dishes

Trying to avoid dirty dishes from piling up in the sink? Well, we got you covered. Fill up a large basin or sink with hot soapy water. Every time you are done using a utensil, dump it into the water. Soaking utensils for some time will wash away the dirt and soften any foods that might be stuck onto it. This will lessen the time you will require to wash it later. In case you need to use the soaked utensils, simply fill up a sink or bowl with clean water where you can rinse them off. It is advisable not to soak knives as you might end up hurting yourself when trying to reach for other utensils.

2. Limit the number of items you use

If you are using a bowl to mix a certain ingredient, you can simply rinse it off once you have poured it into your cooking pan. This will reduce the number of times you will have to reach out for your cabinet to grab fresh utensils. It will also prevent you having a pile of dishes lying in your sink which could have been reused. For example, you do not need different knives to chop vegetables. Rinse the knife off with some running water instead. As a result, you will have fewer dishes in your sink by the time you are done cooking your meal which will give you some level of fulfillment.

3. Use a cutting mat

A chopping board is the best surface to cut meat, vegetables, and fruits on. However, you should consider using a cutting mat underneath the board. Ensure that the mat is much larger than your chopping board. The importance of the mat is that it will catch any foods that fall off the chopping board. This will help to prevent food substances from falling to the floor or countertops creating a huge mess. A cutting mat will ensure that the kitchen counters remain clean at all times. The only task you will have to engage in is cleaning the dirty dishes and not the counters.

4. Have a garbage disposal bowl

Cooking involves many waste products such as peels and trimmings which seem to always take up most of the space on the kitchen counter. Walking to the garbage station is not always convenient as you are trying to focus on making a great meal. Also, it is more reasonable to dispose everything all at once. As a result, you should set up a garbage station on your counter. This could be a shopping bag or a bowl that will hold all the waste. This waste management technique will save you several trips to the trash can and seeing piles of waste on your counter.

5. Plan frequent cleaning sessions as you cook

As you prepare your food, you will always have some time to spare before you start cooking. This time can be used to carry out some minor cleaning to eliminate dishes from piling up. Additionally, as you wait for your food to cook, let us say fifteen minutes, you could take some time and clean. If you realize that your counter is looking messy, take a two-minute break from food preparation and clean it up. Plan small cleaning intervals as you cool so that you are not left with a huge mess.
Moreover, before serving the food. Wipe the kitchen counter and place utensils in the dishwasher.