10 Most Common mistakes people make when cooking pasta

There is nothing more quite satisfying like a delicious plate of fresh pasta. Pasta is one of our favorite dishes whether covered with thick tomato sauce or creamy alfredo. It is easy to prepare pasta, but sometimes you may end up making a mess while cooking your pasta. Below are top 10 mistakes experienced when making pasta.

1. Using a Small Pot
This is the most common mistake done when cooking pasta. When preparing pasta, always go for the larges pot and fill it with 4 to 5 quarts of water. Using a large bowl will ensure you don’t break up the pasta to fit and also your pasta won’t come out sticky. When you use a small pot, the pasta will have less water resulting in a higher amount of starch in the pot. To be safe, always go for larger pots.

2. Blindly Following Directions
At the back of any box of pasta you purchase have directions. While these instructions seem simple, most people neglect to read them and end up cooking pasta the wrong way. However, these directions are not very accurate. Do not cook your pasta for 10 minutes just because the box has indicated so, think of the listed directions as suggestions. Before draining the pot, always taste a noddle or two confirm whether it is ready.

3. Leaving Out The Salt
At the back of your pasta box, it is indicated that you should boil the pasta in salty water. Maybe because of laziness or just because we are trying to eat healthier, but the majority of people tend to skip this step. By omitting the salt, you will be opting for slimy pasta.

4. Adding Too Much Fat
Some fresh pasta with brilliantly shaded vegetables is a healthier dish any person would be pleased to serve. Unfortunately, we regularly soak our pasta with imitation cheese or creamy Alfredo sauce. That fat we add to our pasta won’t just build our waistlines, either. It takes away a portion of your pasta’s normally tasty starchy flavor. Ensure you don’t add any oil to your pot of cooking pasta. The oil will make the noodles become slippery, which implies any sauce you add will not stick to them, bringing about plain, tasteless noodles

5. Forgetting to Stir
Once your water is boiling, start stirring your pasta instead of living it and waiting until its cooked. It is important to mix your pasta, so it does not all sink to the base of the pot. At the point when your noodles are altogether resting at the bottom of the bowl, they can begin sticking together, resulting to sticky pasta. Mixing the pasta regularly will help stop it from holding together

6. Throwing Your Pasta Against The Wall

If you’ve at any point experienced difficulty telling if your pasta was ready, possibly you may have felt enticed to attempt the old trick of throwing it against the wall. As far as anyone knows, whether the pasta sticks to the wall once it’s thrown, it is ready. Well not to be a downer, but rather that is a big cooking mistake. Not only that you are dirtying your walls and wasting your delicious pasta but also teaching your children but cooking habits. The only way to determine if your pasta is ready is by tasting.

7. Tossing The Cooking Water
Once your is ready, drain the cooking water. This water is now full of pasta flavor, and it is starchy, and it might come out in handy. It is always a good idea to keep some of these magical water on hand. This will eliminate the need for super saucy preparations.

8. Rinsing the pasta
Do not make the process of pasta preparation harder. Cooking pasta is one of the simplest ways to prepare a home-cooked, delicious meal, thus never add extra steps. Rinsing your pasta with water after cooking is not necessary. Simple drain it and add the sauce.

9. Making Way Too Much
Deciding on how much pasta to put in your pot can be challenging especially when you are cooking a large amount for example for a crowd. You may be worried of running out thus ending up cooking the entire box. Always prepare the right amount of pasta to avoid throwing it away when it is in excess.

10. leaving Your Pasta Waiting
Your pasta needs to be served as soon as it is cooked. Place your pasta in a warmed bowl once it is drained and toss it with warm sauce.